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Other Universities Commerce Courses

Corporate Accounting B Com (Hons) (J R Monga) Windows or Android copy 1

This Course is CORPORATE ACCOUNTING for the students of B Com (HONS.) Delhi University. This Course is for those who wants to download the videos and run it offline for later viewing. This method uses less internet and is for windows and Android Users. This course is for the students of Regular College as well as students of School of Open Learning who are pursuing Correspondence Course. The Course has been taugh from the book J R Monga. Single Device Course Fee Rs. 4,500/- one time upfront payment for the complete course.

Other Universities Commerce Courses

Financial Accounting Other than D.U. Download Course

This course is taught from J R Monga Book. The Course FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING for the students of Other than Delhi University. This course is for both Regular as well as Correspondence students. The Course has been taught by Mr. Gagan Kapoor from the book J R Monga and the Course Fee Rs.5000/- one time payment for the complete course..